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I have been using Punjab Job Portal since I first started my career. I found my first job through them and subsequently another two jobs as well over a span of 8 years.

Arsalan Shah
IT Professional

Punjab Job Portal is very convenient, easy to search for jobs and location that you want. It always alerts me on vacancies available.

Tasneem Kausar

Punjab Job Portal constantly informs me about vacancies updates of jobs that are related to my qualification and work via emails & SMS. It saves me time from browsing the job list.

Dr. Ali Hassan

پنجاب جاب پورٹل سرکاری نوکریوں کی تلاش اور حصول کے لیے ایک انتہائ آسان اور مفید ذریعہ ہے۔

M. Sadiq